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At Brenner Business Development we’ve come to realize that on occasion a company may have a need for some additional insight on how to improve their business development process. As a result we’ve organized three different programs to cater to the various needs an organization may have.

All programs require that participants analyze their current business practices before attending any session. Self-directed questionnaires, data-collection sheets and other analytical tools will be developed to support each program. At the end of a program, each participant will have an action plan with goals and objectives to begin to use the skills and tools taught by the program.

Silver Program (2.5 days)

This program starts with an internal communications audit conducted by the agency before the actual visit. A list of suggested materials to review will be provided by BBD.
Program includes:

  1. half-day, off-site brainstorming session,
  2. review of current new-business systems,
  3. agency’s prospect list, and
  4. steps to conduct market intelligence that will land the first meeting.

Gold Program (1 week)

The Gold Program covers all of the topics of the Silver Program, with each section expanded to include:

  1. case studies,
  2. tried-and-true techniques, and
  3. participants developing new business sales plans.

Gold Program covers:

  1. how to determine whether which businesses are good targets,
  2. how to develop a new business sales plan,
  3. how to get the first visit,
  4. how to close the sale. What happens before, during and after.

Platinum Program (TBD)

The Platinum Program serves as a service for those agencies that participated in the Silver or Gold Program to obtain additional support and direction regarding the new business process on a continual basis. This time can be used by the agency as it sees fit.

Every program starts out with an Internal Communications Audit:
objective: develop awareness of current practices and reveal gaps in current process. Develop a questionnaire that is sent to agency ahead of time to prepare key agency personnel for the audit

  1. How do we currently market ourselves
  2. Perceived by the market: retail agency, b2b agency, technical agency
  3. Where do we see growth
  4. What are our current assets
  5. How fast do we want to grow
  6. Current obstacles to growth

For more information on our training program including a comprehensive outline for each level, please contact Mark Lesselroth at (315) 455-7404 or at email obscurred; JavaScript is required