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Business Development

At Brenner Business Development we will work to grow a company’s customer base according to a pre-defined direction identified by the company’s management team. The business development consultant (BDC), an outsourced independent contractor, will work closely with the management team developing and implementing a sales and marketing plan outlined by the company that might include marketing strategies, sales tools (i.e. Web site, case studies, CD, etc.), and marketing communications initiatives (i.e. direct mail program, advertising, public relations program). The BDC will work closely with the management team to maximize the effectiveness of the sales & marketing plan among potential clients.

Responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

• Help manage the identification, marketing and acquisition of new customers and business opportunities.
• Work with the management team to generate research on prospects and assemble reports to use in attracting and inciting new prospects interest in the firm.
• Maintain the prospect database (as specified by the company), makes and keeps appointments, cold calls leads and prospects, maintains and follows-up on regular mailings to prospects, looks for new leads, creates prospect profiles, and stays up to date on all correspondence relating to all prospect contacts.
• Keep thorough records on all prospects so that others can handle BDC responsibilities during an absence.
• Prepare and participates in presentations (optional).
• Look for leads by building contacts with select industry trade publications and organizations, business and civic groups, and other networking opportunities.
• Contribute input and or develop response to request for proposals (optional).
• Work closely with management to keep them informed of new business opportunities gained from new business efforts, and when appropriate transfer the prospect contact to the account team .
• Utilize active listening skills to better understand the “client’s” needs and convince them that the firm can meet those needs.
• Practice effective salesmanship resulting in a steady increase of new business.
• Help win profitable new accounts that are professional, courteous and long term.
• Assist with marketing and marketing communications initiatives.
• Help manage the client relationship at a top-line level (optional).

Success Stories

“One of the things I really like about your approach is that you know when to allow things to happen naturally.”

James R. Gregory