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Business Development: For the company that needs assistance in growing their bottom line, BBD provides personalized, hands-on, sales assistance to help them achieve their growth objectives.

Marketing Agent: At BBD we understand that a successful business development effort is backed by a strong marketing-communications program and message. To be sure these are in place for you; we are able to facilitate introductions to a number of creative resources (i.e. ad agency, design firm, public relations specialist, web design, direct marketing, market research) all over the world. No matter how large your need or budget is we pride ourselves on being able to identify the right partner for you.

International Business Development:
While the main focus of our business has been on the North America market we have experience developing new business opportunities for companies from all over the world  You can use our knowledge and expertise to establish and develop contacts with potential sales and marketing partners (distributors, reps, and OEMs) in the USA, Europe, China, India and  Brazil.

Training: We provide one-on-one new business training for individuals responsible for helping grow their organization.

Success Stories

"Before I began working with BBD client diversity was out of balance at my company. more than 80% of our income was dependent on one organization. Today, I'm happy to report that no single contract accounts for more than 30% of revenues. The discovery session that Mark took us through has been the foundation of that diversification for the past 4 years. "

Marc V. Stress