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Mattel bows to China

September 24, 2007


Am I the only one who is scratching his head wondering how Mattel is all of sudden taking responsibility for the lead in it’s toys calling it a “design flaw” as opposed to placing the blame on the Chinese manufactures who produced the toys. If it was a “design flaw” then why didn’t the CEO break with that news. If you take a look at Mattel’s web site you’ll see no mention of a “design flaw.”

As a parent of three young children my wife and I have spent a small fortune on supporting the Mattel brand over the years and we knew that most of the products came from China, and we were alright with that. In recent years China has come under scrutiny for having too much lead in some of the products they produce for Mattel and other US based companies. When the news about the recall initially hit the airwaves we took it very serious and checked to see if we had any of the effected toys, and my passing thought was here we go again.

What prompted me, however, to post this blog is the news about Mattel apologizing to the Chinese government about the recall because of a “design flaw.” If this was indeed a “design flaw” how did it effect so many different products and how on God’s Earth did it pass internal quality control at Mattel?

I’m sorry I just don’t buy it. I think this is a classic case of a country who is responsible for producing 85% of the world’s products putting pressure on Mattel to become the fall guy. If the CEO of Mattel is so concerned about this snafu then he should resign his post.

As for the future purchase of Mattel products… you won’t be getting any of our hard earned greenbacks anymore.

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