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Lovemarks first test

May 04, 2007

Agency News,Industry Observations

People write books all the time but not many help a company, in this case Saatchi & Saatchi win nearly $1 Billion in new business! Chalk one up to Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi and author of the book “Lovemarks.” Not only did he manage to win J.C. Penny without a review but he pulled in Wendy’s as well.

As the new J.C Penny ads debuted more attention then usual was given to a new campaign since it was based on the philosophy preached by Kevin Roberts in his book. It’s one thing to share one’s thoughts about advertising with the world in a book, it’s another to put that philosophy into practice and hope it works.

In my humble estimation, Saatchi & Saatchi has more to loose then its clients. If the campaigns for J.C. Penny and Wendy’s don’t produce then they will cut the agency and choose a new one. A phenomenon that happens all too often in our industry.

With the latest news about Wendy’s looking to possibly sell, there is enormous pressure on the agency to produce with its first ad. Yes, the board proclaims that advertising alone won’t help right the Wendy’s ship but we all know it’s a lot easier to fault the advertising for not helping move the needle in the right direction.

That was one of the criticisms when the new J.C. Penny ads came out. While they were extremely creative, by far the best I’ve ever seen for the brand, will it motivate change? In other words will more people go to J.C. Penny to buy from them? Only time will tell.

For now, however, all eyes will be on what happens come June when the new Wendy’s spot will be shown to the franchise owners.

What will they say about Lovemarks six months from now.

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