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Just Say No

May 29, 2007


How hard is it to just say “no?” Do we really live in a society where people are afraid to share their true thoughts or can’t be bothered to return someone’s call or message and by doing so hope or expect that person to go away. If you are truly not interested in what that person has to say or sell, why not do the polite thing and just say no! It will leave the other person on the other end feeling left with some dignity and respect and it will stop them from calling and emailing you.

In business development we find ourselves often looking from the outside in, and what we initially see makes us believe that what we are offering might be a good match for that company. So we do the natural thing and reach out to them. We are always careful to be polite in our follow-up, and leave them many outs (voice mail, email) if they don’t want to speak with us directly especially if there is no interest on their part.

I realize that we live in a world where time is a precious commodity, however, how much effort does it take to let someone know you are not interested in their services. People’s actions or inactions in this case can speak volumes about a company.

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