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If you “Talk the Talk” then “Walk the Walk”

January 11, 2011

Industry Observations

I’m sure we are all familiar with this saying and I thought it would be appropriate to apply this to the professional service industry especially the marketing communications sector. How often have we encountered an agency professing to be an expert in something but when push comes to shove it turns out they fall short on their promises.

Everyone appears to be an “expert” in something but they either do a poor job of promoting that fact on their marketing materials or they can’t deliver in a way we would expect them to. I think it’s unfortunate that companies in the marketing communications industry don’t do a better job on their web sites since it represents one of the major avenues for a potential client to inform themselves about the kinds of services and experience that are available. I think the only thing that makes matters worse than having a poorly designed site or lack of appropriate marketing materials is to fundamentally misrepresent yourself!

Unfortunately I have encountered a number of firms over years that state they are experts in a certain area but when I pressed them on the facts it would turn out that I knew more than they did. While I don’t think it’s my job to expose these firms by name I’m more than willing to add my two cents to this topic to make people aware that they really need to do their homework. I’m also sharing my thoughts with the industry to advise them to shape up or ship out.

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