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If it’s not Perfect, We don’t want it.

August 13, 2012


Is it just me or have others experienced their own set of challenges when trying to donate furniture to a charitable organization like the Salvation Army or the Rescue Mission. As a result of my fathers recent passing I decided to donate some of his furniture. When I called to schedule the pick-up there were 20 questions which I found annoying but I played along. Then when it came time to pick up my father’s old couch the drivers told me that because it had some dog hair on it they would not be able to take it. I thought to myself it’s dog hair, something someone back at the warehouse could easily clean off with a vacume cleaner or some tape.

What have our non-for-profits come too when they can’t accept a perfectly good piece of furniture that has resale value only because it has some dog hair on it which they are unwilling to remove themselves. Frankly I call it irresponsible and lazy. Here I’m willing to give something of value away which they can make money off of and all they need to do is spend maybe 15-20 minutes cleaning it.

I can appareciate that they don’t want to collect anything that is damaged as it won’t allow them to resell it. Some scratches are o.k. but dog hair, God forbid.

If you are wondering what happened to my dad’s old couch…I wound up unloading it at the municipal dump, something I felt terrible about but I felt I didn’t have a choice. Yes I suppose I could have spent a half hour cleaning it so that it was in perfect shape for the Salvation Army to pick up and turn it right around for sale. But frankly I didn’t have the time and I thought I was doing something good by donating the couch to begin with.

I think it’s great that we have organizations like the Salvation Army and the Rescue Mission but I think it’s time for them to be a little more tolerant with regards to what they take in an effort to help others and themselves.

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