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Does Coca-Cola really care what You have to say?

July 10, 2012


I realize with a headline like this that I’m probably asking for trouble but that’s only if someone in the Coca-Cola blogosphere is listening. Let me state that Coca-Cola’s Consumer Affairs Division has the best of intentions regarding the receipt of ideas from the general public. In fact that even developed a site called That’s unfortunately where things come to a grinding halt.

I recently took it upon myself to fill out this exhaustive, detailed form (I’m surprised they didn’t ask for my social security number) in hopes of finally getting an answer to the mystery why we Americans can’t enjoy the refreshing taste of Mezzo Mix ( A Coca-Cola product) which apparently was exclusively designed for the German speaking market (Germany, Switzerland and Austria). Just for clarification, if you were to mix Coca-Cola with Orange Fanta you’d get the basic taste of Mezzo Mix. I have yet to come across an American child or adult for that matter that didn’t enjoy this refreshing taste with a hint of citrus. What really boggles the mind is why would Coca-Cola continue to spend millions on developing and testing new flavors but not introduce a winning formula with a track record to the US market. Are the German speaking countries really that different when it comes to their taste buds? I think we all know the answer.

Anway, so here I finally had a platform to ask my question and suggest that they may want to introduce Mezzo Mix to the American public. It’s been over three weeks since I spent 15 minutes filling out their form, and to this day I haven’t even received an email acknowledgment form the company which can easily be computer generated.

That begs the question does Coca-Cola really care what you the general public have to say.

BTW, Pepsi has a product called Schwip Schwap, their version of Mezzo Mix and they too have been unable or unwilling to introduce their product into the US market. If you take a close look at their logo you will see how the smart folks at Pepsi were able to incorporate their iconic swoosh into the Schwip Schap logo. If anyone in the Pepsi blogosphere reads this post and wants to drop me a line, please do.

As for my thirst for Mezzo Mix I’ll have to be content with buying it from an overpriced online importer of German products.

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