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BBD opens India Office

April 04, 2016

BBD News,International

Earlier this year, Brenner Business Development opened up an office in Lucknow, India. Given the amount of work that Indian firms are doing for USA and European companies it seemed like a logical step to have a permanent presence in India to support the interests of these Indian companies. Many are looking to leverage their work experience with the international subsidiaries to  expand their relationship into the USA, Germany and other parts of the world.

Anil Kumar Upadhyaya, an international business development pro with over 20 years of experience is managing the BBD office. “With Anil’s help we will not only be able to open up the India market but also explore the Malaysian market” says Mark Lesselroth, founder and principal of BBD.

Currently the firm is in discussions with three companies looking to expand into the USA and the German Market.

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