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And the winner is…

January 27, 2007

Agency News

… the Interpublic Group. Just when we all thought the Wal-Mart ad agency fiasco was over, news of Julie Roehme (former SVP Marketing Communications for Wal-Mart) suing the worlds largest retailer hit the presses. With all the negative stories surrounding the Wal-Mart agency search, I wonder how many people picked up on the fact that when the dust finally settled Interpublic (IPG) was left standing. For those not following what mega-agency holding company owns whom, IPG is the big daddy of Draft/FCB (the first winner of the Wal-Mart agency search) and The Martin Agency (the second agency named AOR by Wal-Mart). I wonder if bigger is better, a topic I’ll discuss in my next Perspectives.

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