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About BBD

Brenner Business Development (BBD) helps small to medium sized companies grow their business. We achieve this by providing our clients with access to tools, resources and connections that help them increase their bottom line.

BBD’s founder has experience in business development within a wide range of industries from financial and life sciences, to telecommunications, building & construction, automotive, and HVAC/R. For a complete listing please visit our experience section.

Having spent several years as a business development executive in professional services and distribution, it became apparent that there are some fundamental attributes associated with successful business development among them the ability to remain focused, organized, passionate and persistent. In addition, we feel that a good business development person should be able to identify good sales opportunities, cultivate those opportunities, and ultimately help close the sale.

Depending on size, not all organizations and companies have the latitude or wherewithal to have a full-time business development professional on staff or even a formal business development process in place, says Lesselroth, founder of Brenner Business Development. BBD’s model allows such organizations to outsource the business development function for future maximum growth with minimal risk. Along the way, we’re also acting as a catalyst and hub for resources and talent to give the resulting business development process the marketing tools that are needed to begin bringing things to a boil.

Success Stories

“If you need help knocking down doors to get into someone’s consideration set, there is no one I know who is more resourceful, more fearless, and more politely persistent and patient than Mark Lesselroth, whose firm has become an essential and invaluable partner in our agency’s overall new-business-development efforts.”

Gary Slack
Slack Barshinger